Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Things {birthday edition}

I keep thinking my birthday is at least a month away...but 31 is actually pretty close.  I don't know if it helps that I have had to buy gifts for other people and try to get my budget back on track since unemployment but I have resisted SO many shopping urges lately.  I also think it makes it easier to know I will at least get a few tidbits around my birthday from a few loved ones.  And even if I don't -- that's fine, too.  

I've really been loving the Outline the Sky T-shirts and tanks I have seen Tori Gonzales wearing on her instagram (The Housewife and I love her!).  Outline the Sky offers you simple, good feeling fabric 

that's comfortable and allows you to represent your favorite city.  Obviously we heart Atlanta and this tank would be perfect to throw on Saturday mornings or late summer days on the way back from the lake.  Also -- with a price tag of $27 I'll take two.  

find here

It's also noteworthy news in this household that Dolly Parton dropped a new album maybe sometime last week.  Seriously must get a hold of this soon.  Just $11.99 on Amazon. 

If you are a runner like me or are constantly hating having to carry keys and a phone while you just want to juggle a coffee and walk the dog in the park you will know that this would be an awesome little gift! I give you the Flip Belt. 

Flip Belt on Amazon - $28.99

If you are on a budget like me and want to hunt down some make up to last you this could be the blush/bronze combo you need forever.  $3.00.  Good stuff.   Can be found at Target! 

the single gal

p.s. as always, none of these people or companies know us from Adam.  Just stuff we like. 

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