Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Perfect Weekend...

Even though it was a bit rainy and the weather guys kept me scared about another "winter weather storm" where we would be stuck at home due to scary roads -- it actually never happened, and really we went out anyway on Friday night (to be fair, it did snow a bit) and the roads ended up being fine. I think that I officially had a bit of cabin fever and was ready for some outings after a really quiet January/early February coming into 2015.  I actually got a great night of sleep on Thursday and though the world was actually a really beautiful place again on Friday morning.  

Friday afternoon on my lunch break I even braved the cold to drive out to a fun little flea market I'd been dying to run into -- it's called My Favorite Place.  I really prefer these places to "antique" shops because I feel like if you really hunt you can still find great stuff and the prices are better and I feel more comfortable negotiating on items. Friday night we went back into town to have a birthday dinner with Matt's best friend and saw their new lovely home they just moved into.  We had a really great night -- his crew is always good for good wine, food and those dinners where you laugh until your face hurts.  

Saturday we braved a very crowded Murphy's (my first time back since we got married) to eat brunch with our internet pal Clemson Jenn -- she is moving this summer so we participated in her "Say Goodbye" tour by touring the Margaret Mitchell House and the Gone With the Wind museum in Marietta.  In Marietta they do have an original dress from the movie and lots of Vivien Leigh items and Hollywood correspondence, too.  I definitely recommend the tour of the house in Atlanta -- the guide we had was really awesome and it was actually very interesting.  We also cruised Dupree's Antiques.  Note that I happened to walk by the Australian Bakery -- and won wife of the year because I ran in to grab Matt a sausage roll and a steak pie as a surprise for his dinner.  He said the sausage roll was really great so if you have a Brit missing some home cooked delicacies definitely make the trip! 

Basically we are not afraid to look goofy in public. In case you were wondering. 

Over the last week I also spent a good deal of time emailing with a fabric store to schedule getting my garage sale wingback chairs we found in our neighborhood into their shop for re-covering.  It's definitely going to set me back more than I thought/hoped (Thank God I found a large amount of fabric on super sale at Joann's!).  But I definitely don't want everything in the house to be from Ikea or keep it's original yard sale/flea market looks.  I'm prepped to make the investment but there is a lot that will be sacrificed in the next month to pay for them.  They are getting dropped off today and will be done in two weeks! 

The before: 

Today I have high hopes of grabbing some groceries, getting something in the crock pot for dinner and a trip to the gym (a place I have not seen much of in February). 

How was your weekend? 

~the married gal~

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