Sunday, February 1, 2015

Looking to 2015

Being that it's February 1st, I'm hoping this isn't setting the tone for 2015 -- because this is really freaking late but if I'm being really honest, while I clearly am not someone who believes or wants to "stay in the same place" mentally or physically, I would probably be okay with a really lean year of change. Work is still stretching me as I am always learning new things or suddenly tasks I have been doing for months start to make a whole lot of sense - but overall I just want to hone everything I went through last year.  I'd be okay with that.   We had some really big vacations last year.  I'd be okay with some small beach trips or little adventures this year.  Fitness-wise I'm going to aim for two half-marathon races this year but since I'm a really active runner already, this isn't really a "big" goal.  

So, with that being said I do have a few goals in mind.  Just simple stuff. Maybe that is a good theme for this year -- simple.  

The Wheat Field

1. Spend money with intent.  

I want to be a more diligent shopper.  No fluff items. Make sure I'm buying items at the best time for the best price. 

2. Investments. More money into my 401k and a quarterly Roth contribution.

I already completed the first step -- I immediately upped my 401k contributions when we got back from our honeymoon.  I also want to make sure I'm contributing quarterly to my other fun. This is focus on the big picture and simple steps. 

3. More time for cooking real meals at home. 

This is just making more time for simple things that will keep us healthy and something fun to do.  I'd like to also buy a few new cookbooks to read and try. 

4. Make sure I'm being the best friend, daughter, wife, sister, etc. that I can be. 

I want this to be an exercise in love, kindness, and a stark reminder that life is not just about me. 

Seriously though -- how boring am I? You don't need to tell me.  But if the last few weeks have told me anything (I've been 3000% exhausted) it is that I was going a million miles an hour during 2014 and I really just need to step back and just be.  

How is your year going so far?

~the married gal~

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