Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Review

We wrapped up a long weekend and I actually took advantage of a big, cold rainy day Monday that allowed me to relax. I actually caught up on a few items that I have been wanting for myself I just haven't felt like I've had enough time or the desire. Matt and I have been busy bees trying to combine bills and accounts and other married administrative items -- slowly. If I try to do them all at once I'll lose my mind. 

Anyway, here was a bit of our weekend! 

Friday I ate 3 donuts with icing and sprinkles. Then we went to cheap Mexican for dinner and stopped by our local Starbucks to participate in the World's Largest Starbucks Date. I guess everyone came earlier but it was a nice change from our regular dates and we had a really nice time sitting, chatting and listening to music before getting in bed at the shameful hour of 9 pm on Friday. 

Saturday I ran a 5k with my neighbor - it was really cold but I was very interested to race a short distance and see what my time would be. I wanted a 27 flat. I got a 27:45. Pretty good for me but I definitely think I can improve! 

Our Valentine's Day tradition is Waffle House. From waaayyy back to our first go around at a relationship. It remains a romantic spot for us and we had a lovely meal complete with a heart shaped waffle and a trip to PINKBERRY for dessert. Then we went home and caught up on New Girl episodes. 

Sunday Elise and I had budget friendly brunch at her house (I was over there for 6 hours...oops) and I at least thought to prep a giant crock pot of chili. I had never made this "Biggest Loser Turkey Chili"that I found on Pinterest but it's definitely a winner. We behaved and skipped cornbread Sunday night but I definitely made a Monday batch. Rain and ice deserve cornbread, yes? 

I also tackled my crazy disaster of a closet. I've had that project on the list for weeks. While I worked on that Matt hung up our beautiful new light fixtures in the master bath! I love them! I'll try to get some decent pics soon!! 

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