Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

Oh hey I tried to multi-task on Monday and posted twice. So much for scheduling that correctly.  I'm sure it just made your day to get a two-fer. I kid. 

We made it to Friday! This week has actually been pretty nice at work.  I supposed I am still feeling stressed since I am not sleeping well lately, but I'm making an effort to try to get back on track -- its just harder than I thought with all this awful weather.  Part of me doesn't want to look at it at all and the other part of me is obsessively stalking weather reports.  THREE snowflakes on my weekly people. THREE! I seriously drove to work in my Ugg boots Thursday.  Anyway, on to "the five". 

1. This is for Matt.  

2. Random fact - Matt and I watch friends re-runs daily.  It's a problem. 

3. Who wants a haircut? Me. When to go though? I like this one - it seems like a realistic idea of my actual hair texture. 

4  I had a lot of wine therapy this week.  I haven't been a pleasant person for my husband to live with. I'm trying to do better .

5. Dying to try this new coffee place near work. 

Happy Friday! 

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