Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Be Cool. And Wear Bright Lipstick.

Just doing a Single Gal "check in" for Wednesday! I am trying to allow the general public some peace and quiet from all the Taylor Swift songs I've been blasting for basically two weeks....but I can't stop.  I've tried.  I am the Single Gal and I have stayed up late way too many nights texting like a teenage girl with TDH (obvi). This is an activity which I am now trying wean off of because I am desperately trying to play it cool.  As I am sure you other Single Gals know -- playing it cool and being all "Oh I'm not really all that interested but you're so fun" is almost harder than waiting to see them again.  

I would like to say that I am trying to be rational about it and take this one date at a time since it really has no lasting future, but hey -- you have all probably read long enough to know that the Single Gal is really not a rational person at all. Not even close.  So, the "one date at a time" philosophy is hard.  Really hard.  Crazy hard.  Especially since the dates may be few and far between.  TDH is back this week and I decided I deserved some time off work so I took Friday as a personal day.  This way I don't die from staying up late.  You know, since I am not actually a teenager and I need some freaking sleep. 

Also, these dates are not helping my shopping problem. I just allowed myself to buy this beauty -- and then I caved and got a new shirt/lipstick for my date the other week. Total budget FAIL. 

I am obsessed with this purse.  I would have put it in the next "Monday Obsessions" but The Housewife keeps beating me to the feature and I didn't want to wait.  I also recently purchased a NARS matte lip pencil in "Dragon Girl" (because I am so pale I need a lot of contrast to look alive) for my date and it passed every test. Totally worth the $24 price tag. 

 It faded a little bit but totally stayed on through dinner and just needed minor touching up all night.  It's really red but if you have cool tones like I do it works because it's very pink at the same time.  Is anyone else braving the brightly colored matte lips? I really love it! 

I would say that I am going to spend the next few days trying to act a bit more sane, act totally aloof and non-chalant in response to all texts, and maybe borrow a top from The Housewife rather than buy one for my other date.  Except, what's the fun in that? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~ 

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