Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Obsession: Bethenny Ever After

As someone who has not been able to stomach any of the Housewives episodes in the past few years one thing I am obsessed with is Bethenny, one of the original NY Housewives. I adored her in Bethenny Getting Married and love her as well in Bethenny Ever After.  I usually DVR my Bethenny episodes and wake up early to have my coffee while watching them before #1 wakes up. She seems like such a hard worker and very real on TV. I mean, who lets cameras into their therapy sessions? Not too many people who are having their lives broadcasted on television.

I really haven't been watching much television at all lately. I've been reading or on my iPad. (Not that I've even bought March's PG Book Club pick The Paris Wife.) I have flipped on some of the college basketball games for background noise but otherwise not keeping up with any other shows. The Single Gal is interested in the GCB and plans to DVR that.

What are y'all watching these days? I am definitely excited about Mad Men coming back if you've never checked those out either. I love that Don Draper and Roger Sterling.

Have a happy start to the week!

The Housewife

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