Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Obsession: iDid it.

I caved in. Turtle wanted to get me an iPad 2 since the price went down with the launch of the iPad 3.

I must admit, I'm really way more smitten with this device than I ever anticipated I would be. Turtle has an original iPad (remember I said as soon as Turtle gets something the new version comes out) which I use quite often. We basically just justified this because he wanted to be able to Face Time with #1 when he is out of town via his iPhone 4 that he got for Christmas. I've been busy using the calendar and finding lots of apps.........and maybe playing Majjong every time I have a chance. I am also waiting on the arrival of my most recent Amazon purchase of my iPad 2 case.  I can't wait!

What are y'all loving lately? I'm truly obsessed after 48 hours.

The Housewife

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