Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remodeling Woes

Remember when I talked about my living room here? The Turtle and I tackled getting all the toys moved upstairs into out bonus room along with storage for those said toys, a TV, TV stand and a new Ektorp Sofa. I have been in heaven. #1 loves to go "upstairs" and it's working out just as I dreamed it would. Turtle had some trying trips to the IKEA store but he survived and he's a better man for it. Actually, all THREE of us managed a pleasant trip the second time and on a Saturday no less. Not super parents, more like "thankyoutheyhaveafoodcourt."

Here's where you ask, well Housewife, what is going on in your living room? Right now we are truly living a bohemian may not even qualify as bohemian at this point either. We had some decent furniture and we tried to move some of it on craigslist with no dice. Power tools and bookshelves were where it was at with selling our junk. So I called a local charity organization who took large items and they would send a truck and movers as long as everything was on the first floor. Perfect. The contact guy called me and I offered to send some pictures via email and he called a few hours later and wanted to pick everything up the next day. I even got the guys to move our heavy ass old TV into the back of my Jeep so I could drive it up to Goodwill. Just like that, there is nothing left in the living room.

We are having hardwood floors installed in about two weeks and they dropped off the wood today so it could acclimate. We've been in the Lazyboy store working with their designer for a sectional and an ottoman. I've called an electrician so I can have an outlet installed in the floor. We also have to find a place to live for the 5-6 days they are working on the floors. (Umm....hint, hint Single Gal?) We have existing hardwoods on most of the main floor except the living room and hallway to the other rooms. They will have to lace in new floors to the existing and sand and re-finish all of them.

These are not really "woes." We are savers and have had in-expensive items in the living room for a long time and we have finally decided it's time to update some things. The floors just seemed like a no-brainer since I could have most of the bottom floor empty before the new furniture arrives and the floors will add value to the house (even though that statement is a complete joke with the housing market right now but it will be worth it down the road).  I just hope we don't end up like this.....

Don't worry! I'll be posting the good, the bad and the ugly from start to finish. I even have a picture with all the kid crap in there. Just insert embarrassing and more embarrassing. 

The Housewife 

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