Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{The Optimist}

No, I haven't cheered up all that much since earlier on Saturday.  But, if you have read enough of this blog you probably know that I love to eat.  It was my late birthday wish to make a reservation with 3 Putt, sweet Elise and her husband (my fellow foodies!) at The Optimist.  The Optimist is another one of chef Ford Fry's fantastic restaurants in Atlanta.  Elise and I have been haunting JCT Kitchen in Atlanta since 2009 and while we haven't stopped loving the food, great location, and the lovely views offered upstairs we were beyond excited to try The Optimist which is an oyster bar and seafood restaurant. {confession: Elise and her husband went almost as soon as it opened and I begged her to go back ASAP since she went without me!} 

Let's just start with some photos! 

{note: I tried to take fancy instagrams but we will have to use these from the internet as the mood lighting didn't do much for my attempt at food art. images are not mine.}

First, The Optimist is beyond visually pleasing.  It can be found in the White Provisions district {Westside neighborhood area} ands has an industrial, warehouse feel but elegant at the same time. The middle photo is the left side of the restaurant where the oyster bar is located and is a more casual area.  This is one thing I love about Ford Fry's set ups.  You always have a more upscale option paired with a more relaxed option all in the same place.  

For the food -- I don't claim to be a food critic.  But I am serious eater.  I'm not lying to you when I say that I had the best seared tuna of my life at this place last Saturday.  Definitely get the hush puppies -- they are not traditional in that the outside crust is almost pastry-like but they are so fabulous.  Like Elise's husband said, they are sort of like beignets.  Seriously, just try them.  I also sampled the clam app and some She Crab soup.  We had a wonderful server who discussed the menu at length with us and answered all our questions.  And while I only had white wine {lots of white wine...} this place boasts a very creative and talented bar staff that supposedly makes heavenly cocktails. And how can I not believe that with the beautiful bar pictured above as evidence? 

I do have one.small.complaint. {little cringe} I don't know if it was because we happened to dine on the hottest summer day Georgia had seen at the time this summer, but it was really hot inside the restaurant.  Like so hot that I was sweating and had to pull my hair back to even think about trying to eat something.  Obviously the hostess or manager noticed us fanning ourselves a bit and immediately came over to apologize.  I am sure they will get that resolved as it gets even hotter in Atlanta.  And, it is nothing that would sway me from returning.  I loved everything about the food, atmosphere, and service. 

Go eat some good food.  Get your asses to The Optimist. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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