Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pregnant and not in Heels

I know y'all only follow this blog for the Single Gal's shenannigans but sometimes you just get me......mommy blogging. Forgive me if I have any crazy typos because I'm doing this from my iPad. My computer didn't feel like working and I didn't feel like dealing with it. This is not even mom blogging today it's just me and my irrational and crazy thoughts. Like when I read MODG's fears about having her second child and I think I will be having a second and third child....at the same time. Yeah. I will be really sleep deprived. After you have your first baby you think you'll remember what it felt like when you were suffering from manic exhaustion but you probably can't really regenerate what it felt like. I sure can't. Also, I'm afraid of having a c-section for several reasons. I've never had major surgery before and poor Turtle is a little squeamish and by that I mean TOTALLY squeamish. I hope he's not on the floor in the operating room. Poor guy. He's like, don't you just want your mom to be there? (He's kidding people.) Second reason is that I want as minimal a recovery as possible. I know people have c-sections every day and they aren't as bad as they seem but still. Third is that I'm terrified I will die of a flesh eating bacteria. You heard me. I swear I heard some news story about a woman who had a c-section and caught a flesh eating bacteria at the hospital. At least my good friend J has had three c-sections and can talk me off the ledge. By that I mean as many times as I need her too. I have a doctors appointment this week so we can all look forward to a gender reveal soon. I know that people have multiples with siblings all the time and they survived and so will I. Because any good Southern woman has a little bit of Scarlett in her. The Housewife

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