Saturday, June 30, 2012

Half Way There

Did you all sing that in your best Bonjovi voice? 19 is half of 38...weeks that is. I lose at least 2 weeks of prep time with twins and that is a best case scenario of course. It feels like I'm in one never ending check list which has some major items on it. Items that I cannot take care of myself even though I want to do them. Items that cannot be completed in one nap time period on a Saturday or Sunday. We are making progress on many of the big items though- minivan purchased, major basement clean out, sell a car. All check. #1 and I are leaving for the beach tomorrow for a week with family. Turtle will meet us there on Thursday as he needs to save his vacation for November when the twins come. I am looking forward to relaxing and trying to read three books that are currently on my kindle. The Single Gal can't come due to work obligations at her new place of employment and it won't be the same without her.

My furniture is finally ready!! Turtle is going a little crazy with the length of disarray that is our living room. We haven't had a TV in there since March. We still need to order a TV and a TV console. Of course the one we settled on we can't get until July 24th. Why does it take so long to get some things? It's frustrating. I have left him a to-do list that is a mile long since #1 and I will be out of his hair (or lack of hair in his case) for several days thus he can complete things uninterrupted.

This vacation caused me to have to go out Thursday and shop for a new swimsuit. It didn't turn out as badly as I thought and I did find two cute maternity suits that were 50 percent off. I purchased one size for now and the next size up for our beach trip in September. They are tankinis and not those lame swim dress looking things. I don't mind wearing a two piece to the lake with Big J and P but I'll skip baring my stomach and enlarged chest in front of most of my extended family on my father's side. With that said I really don't feel that my stomach is insanely large yet. I'm sure we'll get there but for a) my second pregnancy and b) a twin pregnancy, I am comfortable with where I am at.

I'm sure you all just want the good dirt. I will try to take a picture soon to post.

How far along?  19 weeks (Monday)
Weight Gain?   11ish pounds
Maternity clothes? Hell, yes. Except for one pair of jeans I bought early post-baby that were a size too big. I can still wear those. It's getting harder to dress cute but I'm trying not to give up.
Stretch marks? None that I can see. But don't let your OB feed you rainbows about you not having any because then you give birth and you can see more of your stomach again and discover that they are lying bitches. In their defense, I didn't have any last ones.
Miss anything? This week, champagne and lunch meat. My normal exercise routines.
Movement? I have been feeling these two since 12 weeks (very occasionally of course). I feel Baby B more than A but I think it has to do with the placenta position.
Gender?  Gotcha. We don't know yet. Turtle's vote is two girls and I go back and forth between girl/boy and two girls.
Cravings?  pickles, glasses of milk, water with ice, kraft macaroni and cheese, fruit- especially watermelon.

Enjoy your weeks and your Fourth of July. I will have pics when we come back from the beach and you will have to rely on the Single Gal while I am gone.

The Housewife

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