Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bump Update: 21 Weeks

Ignore my huge arm flab. I blame the photographer. The Single Gal. 

We had a very successful 20 week appointment last Friday and both babies were in full cooperation for their respective gender scan. I have no more previa at all and at this time they do not think Baby A's cord insertion is an issue. Yay.  I've gained 15 lbs so my opinion that isn't so bad for pregnancy #2 or a twin pregnancy period. Now, I'm sure it's all downhill from here and I will look like a bus soon. My Grandmother called last night and kindly reminded me of this. She said, "I bet you're getting big, big, big!" In her defense, this is my mom's mother hence prior twin pregnancy witness. However, it felt like she said "fat, fat, fat," and that's is what keeps ringing in my ears. Unfortunately I've basically been on an 9 week gym hiatus due to the previa restrictions I was placed on. I have started going back this week for some easy cardio so hopefully that will help out some.

I guess I will talk about the gender reveal here as well. I decided to go ahead with a super small party instead of my other plan. I still really wanted to do my original plan but due to some other circumstances out of my control and other people's control I have deemed it too complicated. I'll be honest. When things start to get complicated for something special I'm trying to do I just end up getting pissed off and then I don't even enjoy it because I'm so pissed off about every little thing that keeps coming up. I'm not a complicated person and I really try to keep things simple. So, I'm taking pride in knowing myself and doing the very over done gender reveal party. With that said I have two weeks to figure out decorations, and no we are not getting the inside of a cake colored blue/pink for the reveal. My Grandmother also asked if we knew the genders when I spoke to her last night.

Housewife: They were able to see them but I had them sealed on envelopes so we can do a gender reveal on 29th.
Grandmother: Oh well you can just go ahead and tell me now!
Housewife: Grandmother, I don't know the genders. I won't know until the 29th.

My poor husband had the same issue with one of his good friends. He wanted to know the genders, said his wife is dying to know. Turtle explains I wouldn't let us find out yet, explained about the party- yadda yadda yadda. This party also eliminates the big issue any of your parents have with who the hell knew first. Everyone is just like Grandmother, "well you can tell me." So you can tell everyone else but me and then I have no news to tell anyone because it's already been spread before I even had a chance. Fab. If Turtle didn't want to know what these babies were so badly we would be having two delivery day surprises. I had the sealed envelopes in my purse for 4 days and had no desire to look at them. Finding out stresses me out. Psycho-analyze at will. I don't care what they are but this gender thing makes it crazy real or something. I have problems. So, my friend from church (the only one who can be trusted with this information) is helping me out with the big reveal detail of the party.

I'm looking forward to heading to my Aunt's house on the lake this Saturday to spend time with The Single Gal, K-Woww, my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousin's sweet little family.

The Housewife

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  1. I just love that maxi skirt outfit!! Such a cute classy pregnant girl look!