Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something's Gotta Give

Disaster is at my doorstep again.  Literally.  Figuratively.  Take your pick.   I seriously feel like a can't catch a break this year.  It's like I keep jumping over every square on the Monopoly board and I keep landing in jail where I have to pay money to get out.  Or something like that.  I am pretty mentally and emotionally exhausted so I'll just hit some high points. 

-After defeating the Aphids I now have what appears to be a nest of yellow jackets under my azalea bush.  

-Came home Sunday to a broken AC unit.  Finally got someone out to fix it today to the tune of $254. 

-I have leftover blues from the final fight with 3 Putt a couple weeks ago.  A lot of them.  Is it too much to ask that I date someone with the following criteria? Because I think it probably is --  

1) someone who can acknowledge and be responsible for their actions in a relationship
2) someone with a realistic view of dating/relationships/ marriage
3) someone who can deal with conflict.  sweet jesus it's like one fight and they all throw in the towel. game over. 

[OK...getting down from the soap box]

In an effort to finish on a positive note I am giving serious consideration to this next list. 

-I sat down last night to watch re-runs of "Duck Dynasty" and laughed with pure joy for about 2 hours. 

-I called the AC man this morning and he was out here today at 5. And he fixed my problem for me. And he didn't mind that Hogan followed him around continually placing his stuffed toy at his feet. 

-I get to come home to a really silent house which is completely wonderful after talking on the phone at work all day. 

-Big summer storm tonight.  Probably one of my most favorite things ever. 

-That feeling you get when you start a new book. 

Ignore my grammar that more terrible than normal. Bear with the fact that I couldn't work up something funny or grab any online pictures to jazz this post up.  I'm just a girl mending my insides.  It seems to take a bit longer every time.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the (perpetually) single gal~

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