Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogs We Love

I don't know how much time The Housewife has to devote to stuff like this but I have recently stumbled upon some more blogs I wanted to share with you.  Mainly foodie ones so if that's not your schtick (did I do that right?) then sorry.  But we all know that I think about food almost every minute of every day.  Except when I am sleeping.  

My first foodie blog I love to check in with is Love + Cupcakes.  Paola actually makes most of those pretty food items you are pinning to your food board on Pinterest.  Seriously.  She has some other stuff that she includes but I really like her recipes.  I recently made her Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake and was pretty impressed.  Granted, it took some sweat to get that 1/3 cup of lemon zest the recipes calls for {and a little blood where I got my knuckle on the grater} but it was worth it.  I wish mine looked a little prettier but I didn't grease the pan well enough and it definitely ripped apart when I dumped it out {big sigh}.  But I don't think I have ever made a cake that good.  

I am hoping for it to look like this one she made next time around.  Seriously determined.  

{from love + cupcakes}

Up next on the newly updated blog roll -- Passports & Pancakes.  I haven't tried any of her recipes yet but I am now stalking all of the food she pins and her blog for the stuff she makes.  Also seems to make a lot of healthy stuff.   There is so much I want to try! 

How good do these Gluten Free Berry Crumb Bars look? 

{image via passports and pancakes}

Or how beautiful is this Quinoa Roasted Beet Salad?

{image via passports and pancakes}

I am determined to get some more time in the kitchen this summer even if it is shaping up to be busy as hell.  Any other food blogs I need to be reading? Spill. {sorry for the puns I can't not do it}.

And, I am sure we are all familiar with Breakfast at Toast by the lovely Danielle Moss of The Everygirl.  But I just really love her personal notes and photos of her house and her dog and all things Chicago.  Maybe I will get to visit The Windy City one day.  Really -- I cannot get enough of her dog Buddy. He is just the cutest. 

What are you reading? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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