Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You Are What You Eat

I had a realization about a month ago when I grabbed a cold drink at the drive-thru on a hot day. I usually get a half sweet/ half-unsweet tea but instead I got a Diet Dr. Pepper. I thought it was going to be super refreshing, especially since I haven't had one in so long.... but not so much. I actually don't like soda anymore. I never drink it but I realized now I don't even want it occasionally. It has no nutritional value. It tastes bad. I decided I wanted to do some nutritional research and ordered this book:

Y'all know I'm doing Crossfit now and I actually never even make it to the Nutrition classes they offer at the gym on Paleo but Dallas and Melissa Hartwig based their program off of the Paleo lifestyle. I am not an expert on either way of eating at this point and probably never will be so I can't really tell you any differences in the programs. I talked to my coach about it and we both basically agreed that the Whole30 is way more strict in comparison to Paleo. I tried to start a Whole30 but the sugar withdrawals and #1 not napping and being the independent and spirited child she is were just not working. Then my Crossfit gym started a 6 week Paleo Challenge a few days later and I decided to commit to that even though I felt like a huge failure after ditching the Whole30 after 72 hours. It's not that I don't believe in he Whole30 because I do but it's just not my time to do one. I'm not trying to complain or say I don't have time to do it but I get put in a poor eating positions sometimes when things don't go as expected with the kids and I get stuck with no food or dinner until they go to bed and I can go to the grocery store and it starts to set up bad eating habits.

I've been doing my Paleo Challenge for a 10-ish days and I have learned a few things. I can drink my coffee black and I really don't mind it. Just make sure you have good quality coffee. I have had some days where I'm 100% compliant with Paleo and other days I have had a few small slips. I find it easier to take it one day at a time and not think about the entire six weeks. It gets easier everyday mainly because once you stop eating certain things and you decide to eat them again, even if its just a small portion size, you feel bad. As in you will have a tummy ache and need to seek shelter in a bathroom at some point as penance for your poor food choice.

I will also confess that I was able to dine at Canoe with Turtle for a work related thing and I did order as Paleo friendly for dinner as possible with the exception of one glass of wine and dessert. So while I paid for my wine and dessert it was certainly worth it because their Banana Nut Bread Bread Pudding was superb. Back on the Paleo train today.

I am simply explaining my choices and my experience to date with this. I will never be a person to berate anyone about how their food choices are bad and mine are superior.  I hate food pushers and Grandmothers are the worst. I know they mean well and they lived through a time period where it was considered very wasteful to throw away food.  It does irritate me when someone simply cannot accept my answer of, "No." You make your choices and I'll make mine. But don't look at someone who is in incredible shape and think they have it easy. More than likely they are incredibly dedicated to fitness and paying attention to what is fueling their bodies. This turned into a ranting paragraph. Sorry about that.

Any how.........y'all try to branch out and learn something new! I'm glad I did. Check out the Whole30 website, it explains everything there. You don't even have to by the book.

The Housewife

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