Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is it Wednesday Already?

I'm sorry to be so woefully behind on blogging! There has been a lot of stuff going on that I have wanted to share.  It's safe to say that the last month has certainly been a lot more high stress than the vacation/unemployment stage but it's a mixed bag of stress. New job stress I like.  It's mainly just going through the stages of change. I like to think that at 30 I am getting better at this and tend to be more accepting of the whole concept.  Some is not so good stress.  

3 Putt and I have been a bit busy. Between work and a big tournament at the club last weekend we haven't had much time together. Since he is off for a boys weekend Thursday we had a lovely long date night at The Union in Alpharetta. It's super tucked away but the food is amazing and the pre-rain breeze really enticed us to the patio. I ate more than I should have. But the wine was good and the company even better so I'll have to make up the calories some other time. 

Can I also take a nerd moment to let you guys know (again) that I finally got my library card and seriously I am OBSESSED! I currently have a really decent commute time and I have been loving audio books. Seriously makes the commute a million times better. I even thought about sitting in the parking deck on lunch to get more time in with my current selection today. Again, sorry for the nerdiness. 

I'm seriously freaking out about this state exam I have to take Friday morning. I've been studying SO much but it's hard to make my brain work correctly after work. I've passes this test before but again -- freaked out. I just want to take it, pass it, and be done with it. Then I can enjoy life again. And read all my library books! But I feel like Friday will be here super soon and I need to leave you and study more!!! 

How is your week going? 

The Single Gal

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