Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bridal Shower Crisis

Last week The Housewife and I had to get into serious TCB {Taking Care of Business} mode to get everything together for the bridal shower we were putting together for Little A.  I know y'all are really wondering about my vague mention of what will forever be known as "The Bridal Shower Crisis".  And most people looked at me like I was totally cray when I told them I was having this crisis.  Except when I told them what happened, they were all like "Seriouslythat'snotgoodatall!!!". 

The Housewife, myself, and our friend Mackie thought we were total badasses and reserved Mittie's Tea Room in cute little Old Town Roswell for the shower weeks ago.  This place has been there forever.  Then we had our perfect invites printed and mailed with all the deets.  Soooo perfect.  The Housewife sends off our $125 deposit to secure our date.  

Fast forward to last Saturday when I am harassing The Housewife to send the owner of Mittie's our final number.   She hadn't asked, but we are super anal planners so we are on top of that for her.  Except we never hear from her. We call Mittie's probably a million times. Except the phone line is disconnected.  At this point we are starting to wonder a bit and on Monday night I tell The Housewife to straight up send her a nasty gram to write us back.  Nothing.  The Housewife went so far as to drive out the to speak to someone in person...except no one was there. And no cars were in the parking lot.  

This is where we start to hyperventilate; a) because she already cashed our damn check and b) because we are scared we will show up with a total of 14 people and the doors will be locked and we won't have anything to eat or anywhere to have this shower.  The Housewife and I are straight freaking out.  So much so that we haven't even told Mackie anything about the situation (she lives in NYC so there wasn't much she could do at the time anyway). 

We basically had to make the decision to try to find another place to have this shower at the last minute.  The Housewife and I were in full agreement that the shame of having to call everyone and change the location was not as bad as the shame of showing up to some place that seemed closed for business.  In our frantic attempts to call the owner of Mittie's in Roswell we called the one in Alpharetta. They are the same except they are not affiliated with each other at all.  BUT...Cindy had one of her private rooms free.  She let us reserve this with no deposit and even gave The Housewife some food samples as if we were a hard sell. 

I did have to call my dear friend and tell her of the debacle for her shower and change the location, however; but everyone made it to the place and the actual shower went really well! We are currently working to get our deposit back from the crazy lady at the other tea room. 

Here are some of the pics!

The Housewife and Mackie are super crafty.  They made a towel cake and some really lovely tissue paper flowers.  My amazing supervisor at work baked our beautiful (and seriously delicious) lemon and vanilla cupcakes.

In the name of Pinterest I slit a wine cork and stuffed our invite in there to display it.  Yeah, the one with the wrong address for our shower.

Big thanks to sweet Carlonia for our cupcake tower!

Yarn wreath!

For party favors we sent the guests away with cookies! We used this amazing Etsy shop and got umbrellas and monogramed cookies in Little A's coral wedding color.  Not only were the cookies beautiful, but they were also delicious!

And now that we have braved the bridal shower we are moving on to the Bachelorette Party! Off to Charleston in less than two weeks!!!!!

Love you. Mean it.
~the single gal~


  1. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. It's like there was never a crisis at all. Everything was perfect :)

    Love, Little A