Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching Up

Hi, Everyone! Just wanted to drop some quick lines so we can all catch up since life has been so busy! 

The Housewife has been super MIA. I am sure you noticed. But, she does have a valid excuse.  She is mid-rennovation this week and has been staying with her wonderful In-Laws while all the dust settles on those gorgeous hardwoods.  They ended up starting two days later than planned when The Housewife noticed that the brought in the wrong size planks for her floors.  It's always something!

We are still in full-on Bridesmaid mode this week! Today we leave for a girls trip to Folly Beach/Charleston, South Carolina for Little A's Bachelorette Weekend.  This vacation couldn't come soon enough for me for a few reasons.  First, I have decided to take another job.  I had some interviews over the last few weeks and found a more stable company that is also closer to home.  It's been a rough week because it's hard to put in your notice at a place you loved and leave your work family.  I have so many co-workers there that I value and some incredibly close friends there as well.  More on this later! Secondly, I have had to cut some vacation time I already had planned out since I have to start my new job where I need to accrue my PTO {lame}.  So I am going to enjoy every second of my time off until I go back to work on Tuesday. 

In other random news, I was jokingly texting Little A about TDH and then I sent a second blip about wanting to beg him to be my wedding date in June. Except I sent that text to TDH. Yes -- you read that last sentence correctly.  It didn't really mention him by name, but I was mortified.  Actually, I am still mortified.  I said "beg" for goodness sake! Beg!  I was dying {why does this not look like a real word????}.  Seriously.  I am a moron. 

Thank God he is nice and understanding and wrote me back immediately that it was "no big deal".  It doesn't appear that I have sent him running back into New Jersey to disappear forever {not yet anyway}. 

Also, I hate my iPhone right now.  You know, since it's my phone's fault, not mine...

The Housewife and I wish you an early "Happy Weekend" since we are hitting the road this morning! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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