Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out With the Old...In With the New

Again, this week has just been off.  New schedule.  New people.  Training on a new claims system. New problems. Tons of paperwork.  I am just not feeling on top of things -- I forgot to pay my student loan bill on the due date. For the first time in 6 years.  And probably the 4th time I have ever forgotten to pay a bill on time...EVER.  But shit happens I guess.  

Other major things happening this week -- our dear friend Em is uprooting her life {willingly!} and staying on Mackie's couch in NYC for a bit to start a big adventure and find a publishing job! I am going to have to live vicariously through her ability to just pick up and go somewhere new for a completely different life. The Housewife and I had dinner with her earlier this week as a "farewell for now" celebration at Nine Street Kitchen in Old Town Roswell.  We had great service, great wine, a million laughs, and a lots of nostalgia for dessert.  Em seemed so cool, calm and collected.  And here I am having a mini breakdown over a new job with a 15 minute commute. 

*not my photo*

I didn't get to see my handsome traveling business man this week like originally planned.  His trip got pushed back because of some client issues...or rescheduled...whatev.  I'm trying to put on my "big girl" panties and not make a big deal out of it, but being happy even when plans change is not my strong point. At all. {Seriously.  Ask The Housewife. It puts me over the edge.} I am working to get better at this.  It's really not a big deal.  And, it was probably best since I had so much going on this week with starting my job.  

On that note, I am jumping on the bandwagon for this Fifty Shades of Grey business.  All my friends are talking about it and all my internet friends are reading it, too! I feel left out. However, I am in the middle of two books right now so it will be sometime in May before I can get to this one. 

I am going to try to use the rest of this week and this weekend to get in some gym time, relax, and allow myself as many glasses of wine and trips for FroYo as I want.  What are you guys reading? What are you doing this weekend?

I originally sent 3 Putt some well wishes this week since he is playing in a Nationwide event {kinda a big deal} but I am thinking of taking them back since I haven't heard from him and its highly likely he has fallen deathly ill or is in a place where he has no cell service.  Why is 3 Putt are people so intent on pissing me off? In reality,  I am probably just tired and grumpy because I have been up so late texting with TDH -- you know, because I am apparently a teenage girl {one that forgets to pay her bills on time}. 

I'm not a playa I just crush a lot.

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~


  1. Just call me Yoda! (Trust me, it's all a good front that will eventually boil over. Just wait.) Also, I am reading FSoG too. God help me, I can feel my judgmental, inner lit-snob scratching at the door of my subconscious. One of us will not survive.

    1. Well I hope it's you and not FSoG. And, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out your abbreviation because I was only reading the comment and not connecting it with this post...or maybe you would believe it. Ha!