Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Ikat

Housewife checking in again before the Single Gal murders me. I don't have much going on right now except that I found a rug for my living room. I'm trying hard to trust my decorating senses and cues and buying what I like. I just hope it looks okay together and not like an HGTV makeover gone bad. Y'all know I have crazy decorating woes. Plus, the Single Gal doesn't have to contend with a husbands opinion and tastes when she does her decorating. I'm usually faced with finding something we "both" like; although, sometimes the Turtle will concede. I'm really glad we both love this rug. It was an immediate yes yes conversation. I found it at Home Decorator Collections. Have any of you ever been in that store? They just opened one near our mall area and while it's not cheap it's certainly a very reasonable store for it's merchandise. They have a great rug selection and I was very happy I actually got to see the rug in person because once I looked it up at home online the coloring definitely looks different.

I'm mad at the Internet right now because I can't just insert a pretty image for you I have to use the link above. Anyway, the blue looks a little sharper than the image but I just adore ikat and love the large scale of this. I'm sure it will look fine with my couch but I'm just a little worried about the geometric ottoman I ordered that will sit directly on top of it. The goal is obviously to look like Sarah Richardson put this living room together and it looks lovely and layered. I know, my goals are too high.

Living Room update so far....floors are done and floor outlet installed. Rug and furniture all ordered and waiting for delivery. The rug will be here in 7-14 days which will be before the furniture comes. Turtle advised he did not want to move furniture just to put the rug down. Still need a tv, console, side tables and  accessories.

Are any of you in any decorating dilemma's? I know I still want to paint my kitchen and figure out some sort of shelving for one empty wall. I have an empty entry way that needs attention too.

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