Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Rituals

 I was thinking today about Saturday morning (or weekend) rituals.  I am sure everyone has those few select things that the absolutely must do in their free time so they can regroup for the week ahead.  Sometimes these things are so comforting -- even if it's just getting up early to have some peace and quiet before the rest of the household wakes up!  I am really focused on mine this weekend because I start my new job on Monday, y'all! I am trying really hard not to be nervous but it's difficult. I know that I will have growing pains getting used to a new office as well as a new manager, and I will be in a more advanced position so I have resolved not to be too hard on myself if I make some mistakes in the beginning. I will make them and if I do -- It's not the end of the world.  

This weekend I resolved to enjoy all my favorite rituals so I can focus on the constants in my life but also relax about the new and unexpected (which is really hard for me). 

1. Early morning run with The Housewife! 

I live and die by my Asics.  I also live and die for Saturday morning runs.  With traveling and other commitments The Housewife and I have really fallen off the wagon with our weekly ritual so it was a big priority this weekend.  Today we slept in a bit and met at 7:30 and zipped around our 4 mile loop.  Now that The Housewife has started her family it's one of those times that is truly just for us to chat and work out with each other so it's really important that this happens as much as possible. 

2. Starbucks

Immediately after our run The Housewife and I always stop by our local Starbucks on the way home to grab our coffee.  When we were marathon training we would drag ourselves in after a really hot and sweaty 16 miles in July even though we looked like a mess.  We keep telling ourselves one day we are going to get fixed up and go in that place so they don't think we look that gross all the time.  It still hasn't happened.  But one day...

3. Morning Walk with Hogan

After I run I usually come right home and if weather permits I go ahead and take Hogan on his walk.  I grab my coffee and we make all our loops around the neighborhood in the morning when it's still quiet outside and not too hot. I rarely even take my phone when I am walking with him so that I can make sure we are having quality bonding time and it also helps me just relax and clear my head for the day (or from the day if we are walking at night).  Which I really need lately.  The older I get the more I find I need these quiet moments.

What do you love to do on Saturday or Sunday?! 

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