Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Summer Jams

It's so hot in Georgia lately that summer feels like it has already arrived.  Even with some colder temps and rain over the last week I worry we are in for a big heat wave by May.  With the warmer weather coming there are tons of festivals, weddings, lake trips, dates or girls night out, and general outdoor adventures in my future so you can see where I am in desperate need of some quality jams {read: none of that Katy Perry and Nikki Manaj crap I keep hearing on the radio}. 

Here are a few albums I have been stalking lately for Single Gal Summer 2012!  

I am by no means a music connoisseur, so I will admit that I saw this while I was picking up my daily coffee at Starbucks {oh the horror of not being the original person to know about this band}.  It looked cool so I zipped home and promptly logged onto iTunes to check Alabama Shakes out.  Pretty darn cool group.  The iTunes review actually quoted exactly what I thought about them once I started listening -- "Otis Redding meets The Black Keys".  Also, it's only $7.99! 

With that being said, I promptly started to really get a hankering for the following two albums: 

You can obviously grab this one on iTunes as well {duh} -- and nothing says summer, love, and soul like this guy.  I feel like I need Otis to keep me calm and help me wind down in the sweltering Georgia heat after a long day at work.   It wouldn't hurt if I was sitting on my porch with a gorgeous man while this was on either. Too bad its highly likely TDH is not reading this. {sigh}

I felt like I would go ahead and dive in with something from The Black Keys since Alabama Shakes clearly inspired me this weekend.  My vote is for the new one.  First, because I love the "Lonely Boy" single.  It's a pretty righteous jam.  Second, it makes me think of Dan {Lonely Boy} Humphrey from Gossip Girl.  And we all know how awesome that show is. 

Send your music recommendations over if you have 'em.  I am obviously not in the loop if I am grabbing mine from the largest commercial chain coffee shop on the planet. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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