Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bump Update: 30 Weeks

No picture this week! Just a short update from my 28 week appointment which was really my 29 week and 3 day appointment. Everything looks great right now and Baby B even did me a huge favor and decided to turn head down......at least for the time being. Tell her to stay that way even if she is so high in my uterus she is basically karate kicking my rib cage on the right side. Baby A weighs 2 lbs 15 oz (so just shy of 3 pounds) and Baby B weighs in at 3 lbs 8 oz. I appreciate the Single Gal keeping y'all entertained while I was getting #1 settled into preschool, potty training and dealing with her naughty punkness at nap time. Weight gain was not as bad as the last time and hopefully will slow down some just simply because my heartburn is getting horrible and I just don't have room or feel like eating much these days.

Strangers have been nothing but kind enough to tell me that I'm looking "very big" not to be delivering until November. I do admit to twins now when speaking with them but I would rather just ask them something random about their appearance to change the conversation. It's mostly women but surprisingly there are men who are very inquisitive as well (usually because their wives are expecting or something). I would also like to remind women who have had children that when I agree, yes these babies will be here soon I feel like 9 weeks is soon. Out of 38 weeks total and only having 9 left it does in fact feel soon to me, especially when you are carrying multiples and have a higher chance of delivering early. I have a good friend who just happens to carry her pregnancies very well- like better than a super model. She gets the same thing when she tells people she has only 4 weeks left except they basically tell her she will have some crazy small preemie baby- only she has like 8 pound babies. People cannot be pleased either way. And how can you have a "preemie" baby when you go full term? People are stupid.

Nursery is still not inhabitable for newborns but I did wash all of #1's old things and have those folded in sorted piles on the floor. I stripped all my cloth diapers and need to re-size them down for little babies. Turtle and I are going to have to get on some things once we get back from vacation. I should probably call the hospital and take care of that pre-payment thing they want, too.

Yours truly-
Large and In Charge Housewife

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