Sunday, September 2, 2012

Restaurant Review: Little Alley Steak

Y'all. There is truly not enough love in the world so I am here to sound my "barbaric yawp" about Little Alley Steak...or really Old Town Roswell in general.   I know my city folk inside the perimeter may gasp, but you can, in fact, eat fabulous food and enjoy incredible atmosphere outside of the perimeter.  Recently written up in Southern Living, I'll do my best to weigh in. 

*not my picture*

First confession...I haven't actually had a meal here yet. But -- I just fell so completely in love upon my first stop in {and the reviews are amazing anyway} that I had to just go ahead and blog about it.  It's beautiful and dark inside.  It was full of people.  A random stranger said I was beautiful and helped me save chairs for Em and The Housewife {seriously take pregnant people with you if you want to sit in a crowded bar}.  The bartenders were super charming.  We had champagne that was $14 a glass "just because".  

One small disclaimer, while this Single Gal freely spends $85 on brunch without blinking I know that not everyone is OK with that. So,  I won't lie to you -- Little Alley is not cheap by any means. And, hey, if steak houses aren't for you then you have plenty of other great options just steps away on Canton Street. 

Oh, and props if you got the Walt Whitman reference. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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