Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vacation Recap

We had a great time on our vacation. I had not been to the "30A" area in almost 11 years I think and it's just so peaceful- at least in September. My lovely sister-in-law always works incredibly hard to find us the "perfect" house to rent amid all the objections and requests testing her sanity between 9 people or more each year. You saw the Single Gal's post on the Death of A Kindle so that was definitely not the highlight of my trip. I have an iPad but I don't consider that beach/pool friendly. On top of that, since we are Prime members with Amazon I can "borrow" books from their library but you can only read them on an actual Kindle and not on the iPad Kindle app. This resulted in me having to purchase one of the books I was not finished reading via the app. However, I randomly ordered three books and brought those in my suitcase so I did have other option while outside. I mean, the commercial is right- pixel ink is the shit when you are outside instead of that glaring iPad. Our house had a pool so when #1 was napping I could just take the monitor outside and still get some sunshine. 

Frozen Yogurt Trip

Sunday was a rainy day and Monday was partially rainy but other than that we had fantastic weather. #1 ate like a horse while we were gone, woke up everyday at 6 am and wanted her breakfast and took naps everyday. That is the beauty of vacation. Even though it is a strange place you can exhaust them in many ways so usually the naps are guaranteed. I had lots of volunteers to help out with #1 and it was really nice to have Turtle around 24/7 too. They had a blast on the beach every morning.

Out in Seaside

I'm not sure why I'm about to post this next picture because at 31 weeks pregnant with twins its very hard to get a flattering angle but here is a family picture. My eyes look too squinty and I know I probably shouldn't be wearing anything with a horizontal stripe at this stage.

In other news I had a check up yesterday at the doctor. It went okay.......I narrowly escaped bed rest at least until my next appointment Tuesday. Baby A's amniotic fluid went from 11 to 9.1 so they are a little concerned about that. Glad I made it on vacation. I was told to decrease my activities and drink loads of water. I was hoping to get a prenatal massage on Friday but they require a note from your doctor and I didn't even ask since I figured it was probably not on their radar with the possibility of bed rest. Bummer. Babies are still head down so unless something changes we will proceed forward with a vaginal delivery plan. Yes, I just wrote that. Vaginal.

I still have some work to do on #1's birthday party planning and I start going to the doctor every Tuesday and Friday next week until I deliver. Also, trying to debate on whether or not I'm sewing #1's Halloween costume. She saw the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue and wants to be a cupcake. But it's a $59 cupcake and I feel sure between myself and my mother-in-law we can create a suitable solution for something she will wear for only a few hours.

Oh- and hopefully major nursery progress this weekend too.

The Housewife

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