Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Hogan Muffin

Y'all. I have to take Hogan to the doctor on Friday for a needle aspiration {sp?} on Friday.  He has a lump on the side of his back right toe that looks very suspicious to me.  Like I don't think it has always been there.  And if so, it was a lot smaller.  But maybe I am insane and it has been there all the time {I know I visited this subject a bit the other week}.  I'd like to think that I have some bit of a mother's instinct about my dog, though.  And you know what, the needle test doesn't even cost all that much and to me, it's worth it especially if it means peace of mind.  And all I know right now is that I don't like that lump. 

If you are an animal lover or a love me just a little, just think some happy thoughts this week for the #1 obsession in life -- my sweet, sweet Hogan.  He is a sweet angel and the best dog I have ever, ever, ever had.  Probably ever will have.  He has been the biggest blessing I could ever think of because even on my worst day, I never feel alone.  Not even close.  And that's important when you are a Single Gal.

I love you, Hogie.  Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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