Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Many Things In My Head...

I feel like my anxiety peaked a bit this week pre-vacation.  Totally couldn't sleep last night, so I'm wondering if compiling the random stuff in my head on the blog instead will be sort of like an anxiety exorcism.  No comments on my apparent insanity, please.  We don't judge here. 

Lately I'm feeling kinda sad that I didn't embrace the chambray shirt this summer.  I keep seeing it out though and on all these people and making all these cute outfits.  It seems too multipurpose for me not to starve a little and buy one for myself. I saw a girl on a blog I read wearing one with a sequined skirt.  It looked amazing.  For reals.  Also, can you wear chambray year round? Or just Spring/Summer/Fall? Or just Spring/Summer? Someone help me. 

Whyyyyyy did I eat some much black bean, corn, and feta dip after my run?! My stomach hurts.  {That's a nice 3rd grade book report sentence for you.}

They finally bulldozed some of the vacant lots in my Hood {still building} and while I hated all the overgrown nastiness I feel a bit sad that all those annoying rabbits lost their homes.  

Speaking of animals. Saw a cray big spider in the living room this morning.  My efforts to kill it before work failed as my mobility was pretty limited in my heels and pencil skirt and the fact that I also had to leave it to find a magazine to roll up as a weapon.  As such, I couldn't find him anymore and had to leave for work.  So really -- what is that guy up to tonight?  Hanging out in my freaking house.  Being a gross, scary spider.  Hopefully I am safe upstairs for now. 

I found a random lump on the side of Hogan's foot?! But maybe it was there before and I never saw it. Or maybe it's cancer.  Should we go to the vet? He seems fine.  But I swear that darn lump hasn't been there, ever.  

I feel too emotionally bound to Jamie and Claire from Outlander to start a new book right now.  But I also feel their relationship is too intense for me to start the second book in the series.  You know, because they are real people...

Seriously -- how can anyone like that Foster the People song? It's is so awful.  So. Awful. And. Annoying.

At what point will The Housewife completely ban me from drinking Sweet Tea Vodka while we are on vacation with her in laws and other extended fam? I give it a 2.5 day max.  

Who invented the Avocado saver?? {Best tool for the Single Gal kitchen EVER.} 

Why can't there be a Michael Kors Watch Fairy.  I just want to wake up with the one I want under my pillow.  Because it's been a hard year.   And I feel entitled for no good reason at all. 

It feels good to get the crazy out.  Maybe this will help.  Can you tell I need to get away from it all? Yikes. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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