Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preschool Rookies, potty training and nap time punks.

How do you get from here.....

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and yes I had pregnancy brain and wrote the wrong month
#1 has been having an absolute blast in preschool since she started. There has not been one tear shed when I hand her over to the teachers. In fact, she really had no interest in coming home with me the first full day she was there. I'm very excited for her and the teachers have told me she is doing wonderfully which is all I could hope for as a first time mom. Unlike myself who saw on the calendar that there was a parent association meeting last Thursday and I was all proud I noticed it and didn't miss something I was supposed to attend. Preschool Mom is like a job and you don't even have to be room mom. There are Silent Auctions to help with, teacher appreciation breakfasts, sign up to bring in the homemade play dough for the kids one month and you have the weeks you are assigned to bring in snack for all the kids. Well, apparently I showed up to the room mom meeting. I am definitely not signing up to be room mom but it was at that point where it would be awkward to leave so I just stayed and enjoyed the information and had to email the head of the parent association and explain how dumb I am. I was wondering why only like 10 other mom's showed up for this meeting. Oh well, I suppose I will get my act together eventually. As I said, pre-school rookies unite. 

We have also embarked on the potty training journey. This is not because I'm obsessed with having her potty trained by the age of 2 or before the twins come. It's simply because she's been a few times and last Friday she was literally telling me she had to go while she had her diaper on so I figured we should just go for it. I have no tips or tricks except on the kind of potty you buy. I thought she would love this one because it's pink and has princesses on it. 
First Years Princess Potty

It's not that she refuses to go on it but it's kind of annoying, mainly because of the lid. Buy the ones without the lid because sometimes its just a never ending open and close/stand on the the top of the potty day. She has only had three accidents and one was totally my fault. I was nervous about her going to school but she has adjusted so well I just went with it. I don't really believe in using pull-ups because I think they feel just like a diaper so we only use them at night and for naps right now.  

In other news she has been a complete punk about her naps. I have no idea why. Last Friday she just started getting out of bed and not sleeping which is not a huge deal except she figured out how to open the freaking door. Then proceeded not to stop getting out of bed and opening the door. I frankly lack the strength right now to just keep putting her back in bed 40 million times so she just went to bed at 6. Saturday she did the same thing and Turtle put her back in bed for 2 hours straight. She must have gotten up 100 times. Then we wised up and got those child lock things for the door and at least solved the problem of her getting out of her room. Anyone have any advice about this? She's sleeping at night no problem because she is just exhausted but she only napped on Sunday afternoon since this past Friday. She cannot be that kid who just gives up napping at the earliest age possible! 

Goes to show you win some and you lose some. Please send magic lanterns with sleep genies to help. Also, I'm sure the Single Gal will be regretting her decision to ride to the beach with us and her potty training niece. 

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