Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

I hope everyone is still having a fantastic Labor Day weekend. The Housewife household has been laying low except for our random trip to Costco for a significantly large television for the living room. It was time and let it be known we did make it through opening weekend of college football on the smaller televisions. Turtle wanted one of those "smart" televisions........and it's so smart we are still trying to get sound to come out of it. But can use the internet on it if you want to and it has silent 3D. I think we just lack proper upgraded cables to accomplish this.

Helping Dad wash the car

Found a lizard stuck in a solo cup (pardon the terrible humidity fogging my lens)
After much debate we convinced her to free the little beast

Labor Day is also significant as today marks 10 weeks or less until the twins arrive (if I make it to 38 weeks which we are hoping to). Sleep is a little harder because I have to keep switching sides depending on if Baby B is jammed in my rib causing it to ache or my sciatica/hips are hurting on the left side. It's not unbearable. I don't think it's due to the size of my stomach but more that there is double everything in there right now.

The Housewife

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