Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moving Day, I mean week. Maybe month?

I have been reading the Single Gal's pleas for a blogging partner......please send an application and a writing sample. Kidding. Moving is rough. Please forgive any typos because this is from my iPad.

Moving with kids basically sucks. Remember your married days when you could accomplish so much together? Yeah, strike that. I'm not sure I will ever be unpacked. #1 graciously got a stomach virus last Thursday to add to the fantastic-ness of living with the in-laws for two weeks and Turtle frantically trying to paint her room at night after work. I think I'm suffering from exhaustion this week because once the kids are in bed I pick up a few things, fold some laundry and I'm in bed at 7:30. I don't have anything left. The good news is the twins are at an age where they have no idea where they're at and the move hasn't really disrupted them. #1 is doing okay. Night sleep hasn't been horrible except for one night, she's even taken one nap and only locked herself in her room three times. I don't think moving during Spring Break did us any favors because we were not maintaining our regular schedule or preschool, gym and gymnastics, etc. She would not go into her gymnastics class on Monday and that is so out of character for her. The teacher was nice and came and got her even though she practically had to carry #1 around on her hip the entire class. I just keep telling myself moving would blow no matter when I did it.

In other good news my Motorola monitor broke after only 5 months. Jjsdfhjsdkjfjfm!! It won't hold a charge and guess who doesn't have the receipt? I've ordered a new battery off amazon in hopes that fixes the problem. Stupid piece of junk. Buy a Summer Infant I guess or keep your receipt for your replacement.

Bottom line is we do love the house.....moving is just hard. It's much harder than I anticipated it would be. The Single Gal has come by the last two days for a bit and she's lifted my spirits a good bit.  I'm pretty sure if we had actually moved out of state or much farther away I would be really depressed. I can't even imagine. 8 miles may kill me.

So be patient and I will try to post some house pictures. Beware, every room needs to be painted. I'm thankful we could have the majority of the main living area downstairs painted already. This is a vaulted two-story living room so the ceilings and walls are a bit high.

Cheers to 5 pounds lost from stress! At least the sun is shining and warmer weather is here. #1 is loving her new backyard. Enjoy Master week. It always falls around Big John's birthday so we celebrate by watching golf, good food and fun times at his house.

The Housewife

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