Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Over the Hump

It's been a week already and we are only midway through! Busy at new job (yay new job) and trying to get back into a normal schedule and get my ass to the gym all while making sure to keep up with household paperwork like mail/dates for events, etc seems a little harder than normal lately! I try to be super organized at all times.  Seriously.  I know this probably drives all my friends crazy.  I'm not a relaxed person, I get it.  I had a big calendar flub this week!! Sads.  I definitely got a text from 3 Putt about a baby shower we had on the books this weekend in which he told me it was Saturday....and not Sunday like I originally wrote down.  And now its too late to change his work schedule and my brunch plans so we have to squeeze it in.  I hate that! I guess I am off my game for couples events.  

Oh, and to top that off I had the genius idea to reset my iPhone because it was being super crazy and wouldn't do anything on Monday.   It was so genius that I've managed to lose all my contacts.  I'd like to take it as a sign from Little Baby Jesus that it's time to upgrade the ol' 3GS...but I probably still need to hold out and save some vacation money and pay my bills.  

Speaking of saving money and paying bills...I've been dreaming of a few more items for the upstairs bedroom projects I have going on right now. Even though I should probably do constructive things like dust, clean out the garage and get some plants in pots for some curb appeal. All infinitely more affordable that bedroom upgrades. 

Madebygirl Gold Skull Print 

These Urban Outfitters Factory Side Tables are only $49 each right now. I feel like I should order so I don't miss the sale.  They come in a several colors but I am all over this mint one...for today anyway. Decisions...

Also from Urban {I think this is actually what the cool kids call it nowadays} -- freaking polka dot bedding.   I saw this on Pinterest and I can't get it out of my head. 
Someone put in constructive comments about being responsible and saving money for vacation so I can read them and remember control.  Or tell me about your week. Anything. Something.  What is getting you over the hump and on your way to the weekend? 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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