Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{Off Days}

Aside from starting another new job less than a year after that last new job, I am doing something else that is unprecedented  for this Single Gal -- taking two days off before I start.  I don't take a ton of vacation days and when I do I like it to be for a trip.  I actually don't get a ton of vacation days anyway but who does these days?  So, other than starting a petition for The Housewife to post something soon I'll be forcing myself to take care of  a few household items {those pesky taxes I haven't finished yet} and trying to have lots of "me time" relaxing around the house.  

What do you do on your off days? I've got a few of my favorites in mind for this week: 

-a long run

-time with The Housewife + the little ones

-quality time at home with Hogan

-reading magazines, my book, blogs, Pinterest, recipes...

-date night with 3 Putt

-small home projects -- anything that will make me feel more organized at home going into spring/summer

-Starbucks iced coffee

Something else I would like to do this week is to focus on the things I have. I feel like I am always looking around and thinking about what else I can buy or get or obtain.   I have enough.  More than enough, really.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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