Monday, April 22, 2013

What Would You Say?

I know I am behind the times a bit but have you seen the new Dove commercial? It made me tear up a little. I'd try to attach it to this blog but accomplishing that on the iPad would be impossible. After the rough night with #1 waking up and screaming and crying off and on for an hour and a half in the middle of the night I'm just not up for trying it.

How would you describe yourself? I think these are some of the things that would be first out of my mouth....

I just had twins 5 month ago 

I probably have bags under my eyes

I have lines on my forehead and in between my eyebrows 

I have some skin discoloration spots on my cheeks

I will also usually tell people The Single Gal is the "pretty one." I think as part of my goals this week I shouldn't be so hard on myself about my appearance. It's only been 5 months. My priority is taking care of three kids and our household. It doesn't mean I don't make myself a priority but sometimes our schedules go out the window. I can't go to the gym if one of the kids is sick because they can't be in child care. My Crossfit is going to run out at the end of this month and I probably won't renew at this time. It's an unlimited membership but I just can't go often enough to justify the cost. I am really trying to eat better because I have time to control that. 

My stomach is what it is right now.....sagging skin and stretch marks. It's getting better though. It looks much better than it did a month ago and so on and so on. 

I had a great weekend and I will update y'all on that in another post. Be positive this week! Everyone is beautiful. 

The Housewife

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