Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers from a Runner

If you have followed the blog for any amount of time you know that the Single Gal and I are runners. We always laugh when we think of calling ourselves "runners" because we are not very fast and don't race very often. We are hesitant to use the title because in our minds "runners" are elite, fast and cover many more miles a week than we could ever dream of. They are Boston Qualifiers, Age Groupers and 50 mile finishers, but we know in our hearts we are runners and are part of that community. What is a sad, terrifying and unfortunate event that occurred yesterday is also shocking. A lesson we should still all be very vigilant. Every.single.day. A reminder that yet again, people carry hate in their hearts and are willing to cause damage. As the images also show, their are still many who will run to help. Who will rip down the barriers to care for the injured. Run to the hospital to give blood. Hold on to that.

Today we pray. We will run. We will wear our marathon shirts. I'm thankful the handful of people I know who raced are fine. Some crossed the finish line maybe 10 minutes or so ahead of the explosions.  Next year the Boston Marathon will be greater than ever. The runners will be there, because some people run their whole lives just to qualify for Boston. A good friend asked me if I would never run a marathon again because of this. The answer is, of course I will.

The Single Gal and I will hit the pavement Saturday morning.

The Housewife

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