Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Good

It's been a really good week.  With all the work stress it's been hard to say this of late.  So definitely heaving a big sigh of relief here. 

My new Sperry's came in the mail -- love my little Masters Shoes.  Now to break them in ASAP and find an outfit. Pray to the Little Baby Jesus that the weather is perfect that day. 

 I think a lot of my happiness kind of did come with shopping -- it just feels good.  I know, I know, all that shopping I wasn't supposed to do until April.  I do feel like I have been fairly responsible since January but I guess April approached and I went a little crazy.  On top of the Masters Shoes {totally needed those! Ok..maybe not..} Gilt had those awesome Red Carpet Manicure kits for $59 {regular price $79.99) so that just fell into my online shopping cart and then Lilly was on RueLaLa so I attempted an order at a new swimsuit.  Not sure I will like the suit so that may be returned but on top of my remaining bedroom items that were needed I feel like I have been on a spending spree.  

I have also been reading more which always equals happiness.  I grabbed this on Amazon -- $3.00 for the Kindle version.  It's sort of a modern day Jane Eyre.  Not bad so far for the price.  

It's been raining today but we have had a lot of sunshine lately so I will be happy with that.  Have an outdoor run under my belt for the week and plans for another run with The Housewife on Saturday -- life is as it should be I think.   If I can manage to keep up with my blogging duties for the week, rescue some dry cleaning, and make it to a Friday night with 3 Putt everything will be coming up roses. 

How is your week?

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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