Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Man, it's be a while since I've seen you guys! I know I still owe you an Augusta recap of The Masters before we all forget about that and it's coming but between the new job and having an awful stomach bug last week/part of the weekend  and a sick dog and Boston and massive manhunts on the news I didn't get a chance to get my blog homework done.  So
here is a weekend recap for you! 

I went to visit the Housewife on Friday night and we basically sat in her living room absolutely glued to the TV waiting for our last terrorist to be caught.  What a sad week.  For runners and for everyone and for Boston.  I was going to put down some thoughts but I was just too bummed out.   I was actually so keyed up from watching all the coverage with the Housewife it took me a while to get to sleep on Friday night.  Couple that with cold weather and laziness I skipped my run Saturday morning.  Cue coffee with the Housewife and painting dinosaurs with #1 since we live all of 9 minutes away from each other now! 

After that I completed some errands and then headed to the lake to hang with Dad.  We had a very slow boat ride due to the cold but I tried to get a bit of sun anyway.  

Goofing off with Dad on the boat.  

While I had a great time driving the boat, drinking beer, and hanging with Dad I don't think my lips will ever be the same considering how freaking chapped they are today. 

I sauntered down to 3 Putt's after that and we had a quiet night in with Publix subs, Pinkberry, and a long walk with Hogie.  3 Putt likes movies so we hunkered down with this one because he thought I would like it: 

I never really watch movies but I really enjoyed this one.  Of course, anything with Maggie Smith is amazing in my book.  

Sunday morning I dragged 3 Putt out to meet The Housewife for breakfast.  They are both so good about my love of finding and trying new restaurants.  I had been dying to try Buttermilk Kitchen for a while and I was really happy to get out and visit this little place!  I thought the food was great, the atmosphere quaint, all with good service.  Try the french press coffee and the mini cornbread muffins are a must! 

Just getting warmed up. Coffee and mini cornbread muffins! 

Here are some shots of the inside I found because I wanted you to see how adorable this place was. 

The bar area.

After another long walk with Hogan 3 Putt and I decided to venture over to Piedmont Park for The Dogwood Festival.  This is a festival where local artists set up tents and can display and sell their art/wares/photos/etc.  They have games for kids, concerts, dog frisbee contests, cold beer along with all the fried food you could dream of eating in one day.   We had a really, really great time.  It's rare that 3 Putt has a full day off Saturday or Sunday because he is a golf pro so we took full advantage.  

I also had my first popsicle from "King of Pops" - an Atlanta favorite and original.  They can usually be found at tons of events and are typically at the Food Truck Park.  They have a lot of unusual flavors -- so I got an Arnold Palmer.  It was refreshing and delicious! These guys are legendary in the Atlanta area.  Go visit! 

I also hope you all notice that pretty red nail because my Red Carpet mini nail salon came in the mail the other week and it is worth every penny already! I need a little more practice giving myself these manicures but I did a pretty good job for my second one.  

How was your weekend? What did you do?!

Love you. Mean it.
~the single gal~

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