Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday Wants: Housewife Edition 2013

If I had my pick of getting some awesome gifts for my birthday this year this list would be it. Some of these are probably old hat to you but new to me. Y'all know the Single Gal has a shopping problem but I do not purchase too much for myself. Right now it's really that I have a formula and diaper problem....but I obviously wouldn't trade my sweeties for anything. I have enough. All I need is some Single Gal time, a mani/pedi, champagne in a pretty glass, and some chicken pie from my Mother-in-Law. It's my only request on my birthday that she make me this because she says it's labor intensive. Trust, it's like the most awesome chicken pot pie without the veggies (not that I have anything against veggies) that you will ever eat.

Cotton Snaps

I really want some of these CottonSnaps for my RayBans. They are constantly falling off if I need to put them on my head while at the pool or park with the girls. Some pink seersucker or classic gingham would be right up my alley....although I'd love to be more patriotic with the American Flag version.

I really need some stylish and comfortable flats to run around in when I'm not in my uniform workout gear since I chase kids, feed kids and diaper the little people all.day.long. I've been coveting these since Spring but with the big move it went to the back burner. 

via Kendra Scott blog

I won't image every Kendra item I'd love this year but I will link to some. Bracelet.These earrings, this necklace.  I just love her stuff. Bangles. Ring. I'll stop now because I could do this all day. Obviously I'd love to be dripping in it like these gals. 

#1 and I have been practicing the Birthday Song and I've been explaining Mom's birthday is Friday. She got a gift from Turtle's grandmother on Sunday and she thinks it's her birthday. Love her. 

Bring it on 30! 

The Housewife

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