Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up

Hi friends! Last week was really a whirlwind. Here are some photos and little blips about what has been going on! I was a bit absent last week but it was for a good cause -- I have a new furry friend in the house.  After I tried to rescue a pug the week before and he was found by his owner, a girl at my office said she knew someone that was giving her pug away because they could no longer afford to keep him.  I asked a lot of questions about the dog -- how is he with kids, other dogs, is he nice, etc.  At the end of the day, I couldn't have this little one go to the pound and I truly think it was a sign from Little Baby Jesus that I could finally have one after wanting one for so long.  You will find some photos of Rocky further down.  We are trying him out, and if it doesn't work out we will at least keep him here until we find the perfect home for him.  

Also, Little A came in town on Thursday for the NKOTB concert and we had a super long girls weekend with her and E {plus a bridal shower Saturday that I had to go to} so I have barely looked up since last week.  You know you have a really decent and loving boyfriend on your hands when you drop not one, but two dogs off at his place for the weekend and he doesn't complain at all. 

Breakfast Date at Buttermilk Kitchen with my favorite!

Lunchtime Pinkberry.

Lately I have needed a lot of Pinkberry in my life. Judge if you want.  I got a giant one for lunch the other day and it can truly heal almost any bad day. 

Sweet Rocky! 

Perching at 3 Putt's place.

blurry photos at New Kids.

I got like one blurry photo of me and Little A at the concert. Guess we were having too much fun to take a lot of pictures! Excuse my hair.  I have a new baby at home. There's not time to do it right now. 

Late night stop at The Sky Lounge at the Glen Hotel in Atlanta. 

"Who are these people and when can I go home?!"

Still experimenting with some new art for the bedroom makeover.  The Housewife got me several prints and we are leaning things on things trying to be "artsy" and "eclectic" and "stylish".  Mostly that's prob not working.  It might help if I turned the seam on that lamp shade to the back -- no? 

Rocky has jokes.  He thinks he should sleep on 3 Putt's kitchen table. 

We finally had some Sunday lounge time but I got edged off the sofa fairly quickly! 

Have any of you brought a new dog into the house before? Mostly I am feeling really overwhelmed and insane but I think that is just because Mom and Jer are still here because their condo isn't finished yet so it just seems like there are 18 people her rather than just one new dog.  Instead of 3 of us there are 5.  And when 3 Putt is here there are 6 of us.  

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