Monday, June 3, 2013

This and That

Hi all. Housewife here....checking in. I promise to work on a photo bomb post soon. We had the twins baptized this weekend and with last weekend being Memorial Day and L's wedding its been hectic. Turtle actually took a week off work because he was so busy at work when we moved we still had a laundry list of thing to get done that were house related.

#1 has actually been taking some naps a few times a week since Mother's Day. Holy miracle of miracles even though some are coma induced from going to the pool. But hey, I'll take it. #1 loves the water. She loves it so much and I thought it was a good idea to take a road trip tired toddler to Single Gal's pool Memorial Day. Y'all, she had the most epic melt down in front of Single Gal and all of her neighbors. We laughed at her but I think her neighbors must think she is a terrible child. She just did not want to get out.

I'm always thoroughly obsessed with Grand Slam tennis and have been watching non-stop. I have DirectTV now so I get that mix channel thing where I can watch all the time and choose from six courts or something. Team Federer. Love his new short hair.

Harper can sit up on her own now and I believe her general sentiment is that she thinks she's hot stuff. She is cutting her first tooth-which is crazy because #1 didn't get her first until 10 months.  Hadley crawls everywhere and appears to be getting ready to pull up. You can hardly keep hold of that girl, she is a mover and shaker. It's been very fun to watch them interact and play with each other. They steal toys and Harper will try to eat Hadley's feet or pull her diaper off.

I am starting to feel like I have time back for myself. I have been reading again and am taking some sewing orders from my friends customers. It feels like summer finally. So just looking forward to a few birthday celebrations coming up this week. I feel emotional about 30 but not because I feel like it  labels me as old. I guess because I feel good about all the things I have done?

Enjoy your week!

The Housewife.

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