Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Living with Mom for a Month

Well, as of Friday Mom and Jer will have been here for a month.  Truth -- it really hasn't been all that bad at all.  So that's good.  They diligently check on the progress of their place every other day it seems like but no real progress seems to be made on the new floors, cabinets, dry wall.  I think the only day I nearly had a fit was Sunday.  I was super tired.  3 Putt had finally brought Hogan home and Rocky to my house for the first time so there were 6 mammals here in total which was super overwhelming. I worried for a minute that maybe this wasn't the place for Rocky -- but I am feeling better now.  I hadn't slept in my own bed for 5 nights, most nights I didn't get much sleep, I had to work the next day and I couldn't fall asleep until after 11.  I may have had a small fit on Jer about loud music outside.  Ewps. 

So, on Monday I worked late, came home and took half a kolonopin, walked the dogs and went to bed super early.  It was heavenly.  And just what I needed. 

I'm feeling a little better about life.  Jer does travel a lot and 3 Putt has been busy with work so it's been just me and mom the last two days with the dogs.   I had girls dinner last night and gave her some time alone.  Just give and take.  I will say that Mom is a great roommate.  She empties the dishwasher before I can even think about doing it.  She waters the plants (I mean - who is going to do that when she leaves?) and we get to sit out on the patio and have coffee a lot of mornings.  I know that it's hard for Jer because as he says he is "a man with no country" right now so I believe that he is fighting some grouchiness about that and truthfully, I would be too.  He has been a really good sport about walking dogs and picking up poop so lets all give him mad props for that.  Oh, and Mom is always up in the kitchen cooking all of the delicious things.  So I may ask her to stay for a while.  

So, as it stands I am not sure how long they will be here.  No big fights yet.  Hopefully none will come! 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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