Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Wishes: The Single Gal Edition

Just for a quick update -- I am currently over my pre-birthday crisis.  Mom and I are doing OK at the house, but she may be with me longer than expected.  And maybe her BF Jer will travel a bit and if not be here to keep Hogan company. 

Since The Housewife has been keeping up with her little wish-list and I thought I would do the same.  

My first item isn't technically a "wish" because I already ordered it.  But I have been looking for another ring to wear and wanting something from Gorjana for a while.  I purchased it from Gilt on sale so I don't feel too badly about the little splurge. 

I also wouldn't hate it if some new sunnies fell out of the sky. I have been jeal of The Housewife's for way too long! 

This will be a bit delayed, but sometime this month champs will be had with the girls.  It seem so long since we all got together for a weekend! 

These Sofia cans seem perfect to drink poolside! 

New tunes for my car! 

The big stuff I want? Our girls dinner on Friday.  A rare double date with The Housewife and my brother-in-law.   A boozy lunch on the patio at Bistro Niko.  More time on the lake.   A long walk with 3 Putt and Hogan.  I'm ready to soak in my 30's.  It's good to look back and be super OK with how things have ended up so far.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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