Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm having a hard time focusing on thankfulness this week.  There I said it. 

I'm trying.  But I am just getting all wound up and stressed out about our trip to Scotland/Spain in February to visit 3 Putt's family and my Grandfather is still very ill.  And it rained ALL. DAMN. DAY.  

See I can't even shop my sorrows away. That would just create additional financial sorrow.  I am thankful for all I have but this year has been a bit of a stretch already and with Christmas coming and then a vacation I don't even feel better about life with my bank account entering into 2014.  

Some days I am tempted to ask 3 Putt to move in.  Wouldn't life be easier with the seemingly dual income? I'm sure it would be. I have a lot of people ask me if we do live together already -- we don't.  I've lived with someone before and a long time ago I made the decision that I'm not doing the "roomie" thing with a significant other until I am engaged.   I mean, if I'm going to live the hard life I may as well just be used to it if things don't work out.   No one wants to get used to shopping at real JCrew and then have that taken away, amiright?

So far the Europe trip has been a good "seriously stop shopping" exercise.  And 3 Putt and I have been spending many a Saturday night at home with a pot of chili and cheaper glasses of wine.  But it would be nice to feel a little bit better about December spending.  And boarding the dogs in February (for 14 days).   This trip is a definite priority for me to spend more time with his family and I am excited about it, but I worry I will just be stressed about the money the whole time I am on my vacation.  And that's definitely no fun.  Someone pass a klonopin. 

~the single gal~

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