Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Learning Curve

some random insights from an awesome day. 

My first year hosting. Lessons include not cleaning the floors the night before which is a complete waste of time because of the days destruction. Shopping for fall decor in September because when you go the weekend before you will only have Christmas decor to choose from. Obviously, #1's sensory bin filled with colored rice is too much of a temptation and involved rice distributed all over my sitting room. It is normal to find my 2nd cousin (2 yr old) in the twins room looking for #1 while they are napping and for Turtle to forget he put sweet Hadley in her high chair 20 minutes ago for a snack because the gentleman are watching football. (Same reason 2 year old in twins room.) Grateful we have so many healthy children to fill the house with! 

#1 almost took a nap. Almost. 

Thank goodness there is online shopping. I am so not getting out in the crazy Black Friday shopping madness. I worked retail for many years and enjoy spending time with family. 

Harper definitely does not like too many strange faces and lots of noise. She came down with the "don't put me down Mom there are hot coals on the floor and if you even make a move to try to put me down I will cry." 

3 Putt brought the biggest round of Brie I have ever seen in my life. 

Single Gal and I are off this morning for my mother-in-laws annual breakfast. We ran 4 miles yesterday in 22 degrees and it wasn't THAT bad. All things are more tolerable with good company. 

The Housewife 

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