Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

The last week of October was really busy for us. School on Monday, gymnastics and Trunk-or-Treat on Tuesday, Wednesday was just kind of meh (also a school day) and Thursday was Halloween. The twins have been coughing, not napping well and Harper was very fussy. On Friday, while I was at home and #1 was at school, I decided to get a sick appointment for the twinks. Luckily, Turtle was home and could go get #1 from school while I took them. That's when we discovered November was welcoming us with RSV, breathing treatments and Harper also had a double ear infection. Awesome. So that has been our joy the last few days. Wednesday, I also indulged in a bit of retail therapy. 

1. BC Love Life Loafers
The Single Gal and I have been debating on getting some TOMS. So as I was on the Nordstrom's site, adding those to my virtual shopping bag, I also peeped at loafers. These were adorable and at the price of $59 they fell in my shopping bag too. Three cheers for free shipping, Nords!


2. MakeUp Forever Rouge Artist Intense 42
I had a hankering to find some red lipstick. Naturally, I enlisted the Single Gal's help and we took a field trip the Sephora, aka The Mecca. I had done a little research before we went and I love MakeUp Forever HD Foundation. We debated a NARS red but ultimately went with our gut and I couldn't be happier. I was so intimidated by red lipstick. I wore it this morning and the lasting power is cray. Whether or not red is your color of choice, I do recommend this line of lipstick. Sold.

3. Benefit GimmeBrow Gel
Life changer people. I follow Birchbox on instagram and Single Gal is constantly yelling at me to do something to enhance my brows. Also note, the Benefit founders are twins. I knew I loved Benefit products for a good reason. The Single Gal also says the They're Real mascara is awesome. This is super easy to apply. 

Have you guys been adding some things to your makeup arsenal lately? I'm going to try to rock out my red lips with some neutral eyes this fall/winter. Anyone discover any sleep potions for three year olds? The Single Gal has been hosting 3 Putt's parents on and off while they make their travels in the States. We wish her well with her home cooked meal for them and her tablescape escapades. 

The Housewife 

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