Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Randoms {single gal edition)

A few things...

...the dogs have prescription dog food.  I know that sounds high maintenance.  It really actually isn't that expensive when you break it down by how much it costs to feed them per week.  The bitch of it is they eat a really popular brand/type of prescription dog food.  And I have a really hard time finding the 36 lb bag unless I have the forethought to call the vet and order some over a week in advance (pretty much never do this and just freak out every time I realize I only have one meal left for the dogs).  So today I went to the place that usually always has a big bag anytime.  They didn't.  So I had to buy some weenie bag of food for $36 (note the bigger bag is a bit cheaper).  Seriously though -- RAWR on the special food. 

...the dog food thing kind of set me off this afternoon.  So I came home and after a long dog walk did pretty much nothing. 

...3 Putt and I had a spur of the moment urge to go see a movie on Sunday.  We saw "About Time".  It was super, super wonderful.  That may be because I have a really soft spot in my heart for Ginger boys with an accent but I still think a majority of you would really like it.  I never go to the theatre -- I am SO glad we did this Sunday.  I just adored this film! 

...I was having some sinus pressure in my ear starting last week.  Totally freaked me out because of the dreadful Christmas sinus infection last year.  I've been dosing up on nasal spray, allegra, sudafed, whatever I can get.  Feeling a bit better but lord does all that medicine make my stomach feel super gross. 

I guess the moral of this post is you can't win 'em all...but hey there are good movies out so cheer up. 

Also I can't apologize for not making any sense because hey it's my blog and I can write a bunch of crap if I want to. 

~the single gal~

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