Saturday, November 16, 2013


Happy Saturday, everyone! I thought that by digging in and meeting The Housewife on Friday night for a gym trip would mean a really relaxing morning at home on Saturday.  I guess it's not in the cards for me this weekend.  I've got a decent "To Do" list and now a trip to the vet's office.  In the melee of our double check up last time I was wrangling two dogs and didn't realize I forgot to get Hogan's flea meds.  We are about a month behind on those. Oops.  Bad dog Mom.  Also, Rocky has been getting sick at night about 8 hours after his last meal.  He apparently has acid reflux.  Going in to chat with the vet so they can confirm the amount of Pepcid I need to give him.  Sheesh.  Oh well. It's better than all the laundry I'm having to do in the middle of the night. 

Many "To Do" Items for Saturday

Like any good UGA fan Rocky can throw up all night and rally for the Auburn game.  Go Dawgs!

In other news I am really loving my new coffee maker that Maggie bought for me.  I have a french press that I love but when you have company or want more than two cups it can stop being enjoyable as a coffee "experience" sometimes.  It's been on my "want" list forever but I could never commit to one.  This one isn't fancy -- a standard Mr. Coffee from Walmart (for about $34 I think?) but it has a timer on it that I can set at night so it brews in the morning while I get ready and I think that's just the greatest thing ever.  Obviously I know this technology has been around forever but it's the first time I've decided to be techy.  Really this is because 3 Putt said it up for me -- so snaps for 3 Putt (because really I'm not techy).  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

~the single gal~

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