Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday Obsessions: Baby List (on a Tuesday)

I thought I'd post a list about some of the things I loved when #1 was a baby. Some things were found by trial and error and others were gifted from the seasoned mom. Keep in mind every baby is different and this is what worked for us but I encourage you to go with your mom instincts and if you like/want to try something don't let someone else tell you it's terrible. I really wish I had gotten a moby wrap for #1 and I didn't. Someone told me babies suffocate in them which obviously freaked me out. Now, I should have been an intelligent Housewife and said to myself they would not be on the market if that was true and with anything they sell you have to be careful.

In this household we are huge proponents of sleeping babies like any new parent. We use this sound machine and it travels with us everywhere.  I found mine at Target. Soon you won't be able to sleep without the Ocean/Rain white noise.
Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation

When you're at the hospital you think you are the most awesome blanket swaddler on the planet. You think, "I've got this down and believe me, I'm a swaddling super hero." Then you get home and the hospital magic disappears. They only keep you there 48 hours and after that the baby goes through it's change. The one where it starts crying, can't get settled and above all wiggles out of the swaddle every time. Receiving blankets are shit for swaddling. Big J swears #1 was so strong and practical born holding her head up; she got out of everything. Then your husband will bring you a quilt like blanket for you to try to swaddle with on your first night home but you explain to him that WILL suffocate the baby.  Buy any swaddle with a velcro/zipper. The Swaddle Pods are also good. Another tip- don't try to survive on only one of these because it will need to be washed. Get at least two or four. Or 8 million if you're having twins like me I guess.

Summer Infant Swaddle Me

We tried to do the cheapest diaper pail possible and it did work for a long time but the top broke a few months ago. Turtle is big on walking around the house and asking me "What smells?"  He is like a smell-aholic....or akin to a bird dog or something. So I purchased the Arm and Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail and we've been pretty happy with that so far. I know you have to buy bags for it but it seals in everything and don't they say a happy husband equals a happy home?

You know this post wasn't going without a cloth diaper choice, right? This was my first post on cloth diapers when I got FuzziBunz for #1. I loved them and they served me well and I will still use them for the twins eventually. However, FuzziBunz has changed their design a little bit with their new Elite One Size diaper and I can't say I love them as much as my original FuzziBunz. So I ordered a new diaper, BumGenius AIO Elemental Organic, to try out on #1 before I order about 12 more. I chose the all-in-one because Turtle expressed that he didn't like having to stuff the pocket diapers (like he did that anyway but whatev).  The downside is they take a long time to dry but they are very absorbent and I believe these are a little more user friendly for any family members or babysitters to use than the FuzziBunz because they only have to deal with the top snaps which are essentially just like diaper tabs. Don't worry, I probably won't be cloth diapering the twins until they are 4 months and things are a bit more predictable and not quite as insane.

Baby sleep books are kind of a personal choice but we really like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. I am currently reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. One thing I wish we had done was read some of the sleep books BEFORE #1 came around and we were sleep deprived but reading books every spare chance we could to figure things out. You will find some people swear by other books out there and I'm not here to say which is the best just what worked for us. Don't be afraid to combine methods of two books either. It's about what you are comfortable doing and what serves your family needs. The Turtle was truly a sleep nazi when it came to #1 and it bothered me some when we would want to go do things but in his defense I do think she is a decent sleeper and it probably has a lot to do with him pushing for a strict bedtime and bedtime routine.

We had a Summer Infant monitor that is still going strong however they do not make the additional cameras for the model we have anymore. This weekend we upgraded to the Motorola MBP36 and are really pleased with it. The ability to pan the monitor side to side and up and down are fantastic- especially when #1 decides to go rogue in her room when she should be sleeping. It also has a talk back feature so you can speak through the monitor to your child or partner who might be in the nursery. I think you can add up to four cameras. I had a 20% off coupon for Buy Buy Baby and a 20% off BRU which will save you lots when purchasing a monitor. Technically the BRU 20% off excludes Motorola products but Buy Buy Baby used it for my additional camera with no issues. We got the 3.5 inch screen.
I thought these were the best baby towels out there- so soft, thick and absorbent. These were my favorite and I wish I had more. Pottery Barn Kids Gingham Hooded Bath Towels

I'm trying out a few other new things and I'll let you know how those are once the twins get here. I promise there will be a nursery post some time in November when it's finished. We made some good progress last weekend and have some items on order that we are still waiting on. I can tell you on the disposable diaper front I hated Pampers if they had the baby dry in them which equaled diaper rash. I had a Chicco car seat which was great in all aspects except how it fit in a shopping cart and they were not very compatible on other brands of strollers if you wanted say a Bugaboo or BOB.

All is going well here and I'm 32 weeks and 1 day today. I am having more braxton hicks contractions lately and having to be very careful about my activity level and making sure I am drinking gallons of water. I think at this point we just take it week by week but right now I don't see any reason why we wouldn't reach 38 weeks.

The Housewife

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