Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Obsessions: The Cap Toed Shoe

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I have a pretty low key day of hanging around here until Christmas Eve church service with the Housewife {thanks Mom for making the main dish and only making me responsible for an appetizer and my booze}.  Thanks to Em making me jazz up the house this year I have been feeling much more into Christmas {other than the obvious issues with my ear infection}.  I'm really excited to pack Hogan up  along with all the prezzies I have wrapped up for loved ones and spend the night with The Housewife.  Also - it will be an extra special treat this year to wake up and see my niece's reaction to Santa's visit on Christmas morning.  

Anyway, aside from that I didn't see any point in deviating from the normal short Monday post since I am sure everyone is busy and celebrating {as you should be}.  

Let's talk cap toed shoes. 

JCrew Cap Toe Pumps

Vince Camuto Signature Prunella {can be found on shopstyle}

I've been seeing a lot of these little cap toes heels and I've been pretty intrigued.  I love the Vince Camuto nude ones above with the rivet deatils!  I bit the bullet with a gift card at Target this weekend and snagged the pair below on sale.  While the pumps I have shown above are amazing and beautiful they come with a steep price. And I can't get that invested in something that may be really out next year.  It makes me nervous.  

Target Viveca Cap Toe Heels - $26 

They have a lot of different colors in this style -- green, navy, orange and pink.  I also love that they are suede because I have been wanting some suede pumps for a while, too.   Also, with a quick google search I can also confirm there are many cap toed pumps and flats out there -- all within a varying price range so I feel quite certain you can fit some in any budget. 

What fad have you been dying to try? 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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