Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh, Hai There. You Can Thank My Ear Infection for My Absence.

It has become apparent that the good Lord read my blog post about not being in the holiday spirit and wanted to show me how I really have a pretty great life.  I'm sorry that I have been so MIA this week but after a run on Tuesday I immediately came down with a terrible ear infection {i was all drama about it. still am}.  Apparently I had so much sinus pressure and all of my passages so stopped up that everything began to drain into my ear {or something like that}.   I finally couldn't sit at my desk any longer on Thursday and dragged myself into urgent care begging for relief.

I really thought they would write me a prescription for a zpack and send me on my way but I guess my ear was so bad I had to have some sort of strong antibiotic.  One with less than desirable side effects.  And they gave me lots of other stuff to take, too.  In the land of generic meds you know that when you spend $50 at CVS there was really something wrong with you.  It's also not very pleasant to spend 3x that amount just to see the doctor right before Christmas.  {yep, perspective has arrived}

After all my ear pain I was feeling like a champ as soon as I started my meds and had really high hopes. But a full day of work and special pre-Christmas dinner date with Em left me without a voice and my ear is still so stopped up that I really can't hear very well at all on my left side.  

I had so many plans for this long 4 day weekend.  Lots of running, reading, fun with family and friends.  I will still have some of these things but I am not sure I see a run in my immediate future.  But, I am going to be extremely grateful that my health is pretty excellent in general and hope to head into the new year feeling awesome and ready for new mental and physical challenges.   

Sorry I couldn't even jazz this post up with photos.  Sick people can't be bothered.  

Love you. Really do Mean it.  Sorry I am boring right now. 

~the single gal~

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